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Pan-fried bacon jam cheeseburger dumplings

Well this is a bit different! Here's a snack to get people talking - pan-fried bacon jam

cheeseburger dumplings. They are cheesy, bacony, beefy and delicious.

Prep Time

Total time: 60 minutes

Prep: 30 minCook: 30 min

(IMPORTANT : Use a non stick pan so the dumplings don't stick to the bottom of the pan.)


- 50 dumpling wrappers

- 500g beef mince

- 1 cup grated cheddar cheese

- 1/2 cup dill pickles (chopped)

- 4–6 slices bacon rashers

- 1/4 cup onions (chopped)

- 2 tablespoons bacon jam

- 1 1/2 tablespoons mustard

- small bowl of water for sticking dumplings together


Prep the bacon

- Pan fry or oven bake bacon rashers until crispy.Chop up roughly but make sure they are small pieces

(don't forget to taste "test" the bacon!)

Preparation (Making the Filling)

- Grate the cheese and add it to a large bow

- Chop up the pickles and onions finely and add it to bowl

- Add in the beef, bacon jam and mustard

- Add chopped up bacon to the bowl

- Using your hands, mix everything together until combined

Folding the dumplings

- Add about 1 tsp of filling onto the middle of the skins. Don't over-stuff!

- On the edges of the dumpling skin, apply a bit of water with your fingers

- The simplest way to fold without going all fancy on pleats is just folding them in half and squeezing the ends together to form a half moon.

Cooking The Dumplings

- Set stove to medium-low heat to pre-heat your non-stick frying pan. Add a bit of oil to coat the pan.

- Place the dumplings in a single layer. Make sure they are not touching each other. Cook for about 3-4 minutes or until the bottoms are golden brown and look crispy. Make sure you watch them as they can burn easily.

- Once they are brown, add 1/4 cup of water into the pan and put a lid on to steam until the water has evaporated (4-5mins).

- Remove the lid and let it cook again to crisp up for 1-2 minutes. I like to add another tablespoon of oil to help crisp the dumplings up.

- Using a flat spatula or egg flipper, peel them off the frying pan slowly to make sure they are not stuck to the pan and then continue to brown them until the bottoms are crispy again.

- Serve them with mayonaise, tomato sauce, mustard and a bit of pickle!

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