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Scroll through for some delicious ideas you can use BACON JAM with!!

Once upon a time, Bacon Jam started when our family (like many others) knew there was more to bacon than meets the eye!

Bacon was consumed at breakfast, added to burgers and snuck into dinner dishes! But it wasn't enough!


We wanted something bacon that could go on almost everything. There are such things as bacon flavoured sprinkles and dried bacon to add to meals, but still.. not enough!


Bacon Jam was born over Christmas 2014 and was an absolute hit! It was made gluten and dairy free due to allergies in the family and tasted just amazing. After refining the product to include only Australian ingredients (except for the maple syrup - that liquid gold comes from Canada), a delicious product now exists and is sold all across Australia and very soon internationally.


Bacon Jam is a small family business who not only cook Bacon Jam, we are also the people that label, pack and send it to your door. We're all about supporting local supermarkets and shops and where possible, support local charities and fundraisers.


If you are interested in any more information, please feel free to get in contact with us :)



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